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Heart IQ
3hr. Mini-Retreat

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Sunday April 18th

2 - 5pm

Ah! Awakening Hearts
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coming back In 2010, date to be announced soon!


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Site Remodeling in Progress!

As you may have noticed the HealingWords site has been rather static for the last year, except for the monthly calendar and announcements. I however have not been static!

What has recently emerged after 30+ years of personal and professional research and development is Heart IQ.

In a nutshell Heart IQ is a most profoundly simple and powerful way to access and share the awesome intelligence of the Heart.

In the next few months you will see quite a few changes on this website as we transition to a more user friendly and interactive Heart IQ website later this year.

Take particular note of the generous discounts for classes, retreats, trainings and coaching that will be offered during this transitional period.

Hello and welcome to my website, I offer my services as a facilitator, coach and catalyst for Transformation and hope you find this site a useful resource for your journey of exploration and awakening .Be sure to read about the new Heart I.Q. seminar( click here).

I have spent many years of my life sampling different paths and techniques for Transformation, looking for the perfect teacher or formula that would free me from my inner confusion and conflict.

This search was very frustrating, everytime I thought that I had found the answer, I would lose it again.

A few years ago I went through a "dark night" of the soul experience that shifted the way I think and feel about my Self. I developed a deep acceptance and appreciation for the broken and wounded parts of me. My love and appreciation has continued to deepen and now easily includes others as well.

Prior to this event, I was trying hard to find a system that I could fit into, afterwards I naturally began to find and fall into my own natural rhythm, unraveling old wounds and healing organically.

It's clear to me now that there is no "one size fits all" formula for discovering one's truth. We are all different. We are like snowflakes.

Because of my own deep healing I can help my partners and clients discover what's true for them, as they discover their own natural flow in life.

Feel free to visit often as I add new resources and features.


Don Drake